Interacting With Our Community

Interact Club Grows


     Interact is a club that West Geauga offers so members can participate in volunteer work. Last year the club had 107 members. This year they have 30 new members, making the 2014 total roughly 115. They will be continuing the volunteer work and fundraising, which includes a food drive, penny wars, the fashion shows, and helping local organizations.

     “We want to try and promote global awareness within the school, while still maintaining our hometown projects and connections,” Mrs. Chelsea Talty, the club director, said.

     Interact is a VERY popular club. It’s in its 10th year of existence at West Geauga. With those 100+ members, our school’s club is the biggest Interact club in the state. To date, they’ve been involved in over 200 projects throughout the past 10 years and have donated $35,000 to various organizations.

     Their most successful project each year is the fashion show. Last year, after the fashion show, Interact donated $2,500 to Life Straws, an organization that donates straws with built in filters to schools and areas that don’t have clean drinking water. “I love being in Interact,” said junior Julia Novitski, “It gives me an opportunity to spend my time in a positive manner and better my college applications for NYU.”

     If you live by the motto of, “Service Above Self,” sign up for Interact today and do your part in making the world a better place.