Richmond Heights Sheds a “Teare”

New Addition to the Math Department at WGHS


     Being new is something not a lot of people are good at. Unlike most people, however, Mr. Ethan Teare is taking the title of “new math teacher guy” by storm. “I am still adjusting to the school’s procedures and routines,” said Teare, “but everyone has been extremely helpful and understanding with me being a new teacher, as I learn the ways of West G!”

     Coming to us after a brief stay in the Richmond Heights district, Mr. Teare attended both Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll. He taught at Richmond Heights for just one year, applied to West Geauga in the spring and was offered the position in June.

     He taught math because of the influence of his high school calculus teacher at nearby Berkshire High School. Once Mr. Teare felt he had the ability to, “…explain and break down math,” just as his calculus teacher did, he decided to pursue teaching. “My favorite part of the job is when I am able to help students have that ‘a-ha!’ moment with the material we are covering.”

     Mr. Teare was welcomed here with open arms by the rest of the math department. “He seems like a nice guy,” said Mr. Jack Toriello, fellow math teacher at West Geauga, and “he’s a good dancer.” Maybe that’s a subject for a follow – up story ? We’ll keep you posted !