A Nice VICE We All Can Like

Murawski Joins Wolverine Staff


     West Geauga High School has enlisted the help of Mr. Mike Murawski to serve as the vice principal for the 2014-2015 school year. This comes after the transfer of former vice principal, Mr. Ron Dahlhofer, to Lindsey Elementary school to become their principal.

     Vice principal Murawski served as an assistant principal in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for 21 years, as well as completing nine years of work as a principal. He says he enjoyed his many years in Cleveland; they were a joy to work with, but many of them live in less than ideal conditions for children, dealing with crime, poverty, and hunger. “Despite all of this,” he says, “I very much enjoyed my years in Cleveland. It was like a ministry to me.”

     After Murawski made the switch to West Geauga this year, he said the decision to do so was a “no-brainer.” Having raised two kids who came up through the West Geauga school system, he has faith in the quality of the staff and students, making the school a pleasure to work in. Incidentally, both of Mr. Murawski’s children (Chad & Julie) were members of the Whirlwind staff and served as editors in some capacity.

     The school has made a fantastic impression on Mr. Murawski. He was surprised at how graciously he was welcomed into the school by staff and students, alike. Even the administration has been a joy to work with in his introduction to the school year, and he is enthused to be a part of the school. “It’s a great day to be a Wolverine!” he added.

     While Mr. Murawski has a strong passion for education, he also has several hobbies he loves; these include golfing, fishing on Lake Erie, and reading about history from the 20th century. He also would like to participate in events like triathlons one day. “My goal is to do an Ironman triathalon someday, but I’m an awful swimmer !”