Sarge is in CHARGE

Guidance Welcomes Ms. Michelle Sargent to the High School


     As the new school year takes off, you might notice a new face around the guidance department. Ms. Michelle Sargent, who formerly worked at the middle school, has taken a new position as secretary in the guidance department.                                                                                   

     The experience at the high school level is a lot different than the experience at the middle school, according to Ms. Sargent. Due to the fact that her job is completely different than the one she performed at the middle school, the transition has undoubtedly been a challenging one. However, this is nothing that the friendly faces of the West Geauga High School student body and staff can’t fix.

     “It has helped that I have had children go through high school here and I know some of the teachers and staff from my job at the middle school. I have worked with some of them in the past,” said Sargent.

     Going into her seventh year working for the West Geauga school district, Ms. Sargent is well acquainted with the students and thoroughly enjoys working here. “I really enjoy West Geauga and working here in the school. The staff and students are wonderful and have been very kind to me,” she said.                                                                            

     Sargent also has the privilege of working at the same school that her daughter, Jessica, attends. This proves to be both an exciting and convenient situation for both of them. “I like being in the same building as my daughter. It gives me peace of mind and I can always find her if I need to,” Sargent said.

     We are certainly excited to welcome Ms. Sargent to the high school community. Let’s welcome her with a smile and help with her adjustment.