It’s Better in Mentor (Wolverine Style)

Student Mentors Help Freshman Transition to High School


     For most West Geauga students, Wednesday mornings mean sleeping in and arriving to school thirty minutes late. While more than half of the student body is sound asleep in the comfort of their beds, there are a select, few upperclassmen who sacrifice their extra thirty minutes of sleep in order to assist the freshmen class with their transition into high school. The freshmen mentoring program would be nothing without its 38 mentors who are all in good academic standing, have no discipline issues, and have been recommended by their teachers.

     Every other week, groups of two mentors and roughly ten freshmen meet in various places throughout the school and discuss numerous topics, relating to the transition into high school. Each week there is a specific topic to be discussed that is usually followed by a game or ice breaker. Based on feedback from the mentors last year, this year the mentors will be giving the ninth graders a bigger role in the mentoring session and giving them the opportunity to control the conversations. Led by Ms. Sarah Widman, the program is designed to help freshmen feel welcome and confident as they begin their high school careers, as well as to provide an opportunity for them to develop relationships with the upperclassmen.

     When asked how successful she feels the program has been, Ms. Widman said, “As a room adviser, it is nice to watch the mentors help the freshmen problem-solve, as well as freshmen offering advice to their fellow classmates. Witnessing these moments confirms the purpose of the program.” Freshman, Leeah James says, “I wish I could sleep in, but it’s pretty cool to learn the in’s and out’s of the high school.” Ms. Widman and all the mentors are eager to see how the program will grow this year and would like the freshmen to contact them if they have questions about the program.