Across the Atlantic

Germany Sends One of Her Finest

Across the Atlantic

     West Geauga High School welcomed six foreign exchange students this school year, with 16 year old Charlott Schulz being one of them.

     Charlott is originally from Berlin, Germany, where she enjoys roaming around the city with her friends. In America, she is finding it much harder to be free and travel around. “In America, you’re much more dependent on your family because everything is so far away,” she says. “In Berlin, it is easy for us to just walk around the city and be more on our own.”

     However, Charlott has taken a liking to West Geauga High School. She claims there is not nearly as much leisure time in Germany as there is in the states. “With school, there was not much time for me to relax, but in America, it is easy to come home and work for a couple of hours, then rest and have fun.”

     Charlott’s host family, the Ball family, has given her something she has not had before: pets. In Germany, she never owned a pet, but always wanted some. In America, she has three dogs, peacocks, chickens, two cows, goats, and a cat. “It’s like a farm!” she exclaimed.

     Charlott is eager to learn about America, as well as experience traveling in the country. She says she wants friends to travel with. “It is easier to learn from buddies that you’re having fun with, instead of just finding things out on your own.”

     This international traveler wants everyone to know that she would like anyone she meets to help her learn about America and show her around. She also thinks it’s very important to be totally correct when it comes to speaking English. “If you are near me and hear me make a mistake, please correct me!” Wilkomen, Charlott !