We built it…and they came !


     West Geauga just recently completed renovations to the high school grass stadium. Talk about the new installation of the artificial turf has been around for years and now it finally happened. West G was the only school to still have a grass field stadium in the CVC. The last update to the stadium was the new home bleachers in 2001, prior to the turf, renovations to the bathrooms, and concession stands.

     One advantage of having an artificial turf field is the consistent playing surface. In addition to soccer, lacrosse, band, and baseball, the football organizations that will be able to use the field are the high school, middle school, and the pee wee Lions Club.

     For the regular football season, at least five of the varsity Wolverine ten games will be played at home. With the addition of the artificial turf, none of the games will ever have to be canceled due to bad weather, either. One of Coach Cirino’s dreams is to host a home playoff game and win. The Wolverines one playoff game win was at home in 2003.

     When Head Coach Cirino was asked if he ever dreamed this day would come, he responded with, “No, I still don’t believe it’s real.”

     The instillation of turf at Howell field has brought a lot of smiles to the faces of many people, including the West Geauga girls soccer team. Although the construction of the turf only allows them to play five home games, instead of their usual eight, the girls team was overjoyed when they took the field for the first time for their home game versus Beachwood.

     The girls brought home the first varsity win on the turf with a 7-1 victory that night. Coach Mr. Joe DiLalla is most excited to utilize the turf because it provides a much smoother play of the game and, most importantly, with a flat playing surface, the chance of injuries is greatly reduced.

     Although the opportunity to play on the turf is favored by the girls, the team has always thought in the past that they had the advantage playing on a bumpy field when all other teams were used to turf; it is the one part (and probably ONLY part) of the old field they will miss. “It is most definitely a transition to the turf field, but it is a transition we have been waiting for,” said DiLalla. The team hopes to use the turf as much as possible in the future and has been told that they will have the possibility to practice on it as well from time-to-time.

     Although they had to sacrifice three home games, the team is excited to, at long last, have turf at their school.