Decision Day 2014

Seniors “Sign” on Dotted Line


          On May 1st, 2014, the West Geauga seniors’ Class of 2014, along with most of the graduating seniors across the United States, officially “signed” with their future colleges or declared their post – graduation intentions.

          The point of Decision Day is to recognize our graduating seniors and their plans for when they leave high school. It also encourages upcoming seniors and high school students to pursue their dreams of going to college. It is called Decision Day because May 1st is the deadline for many colleges as to whether or not they accept or reject an application of admission from a student.

          To make the day more inviting and friendly for all, the faculty and staff here at the high school are invited to sport some “alumni threads” and represent their various alma maters. Many of the teachers participated. “I love any chance to wear orange, as I just LOVE sharing that Falcon Pride,” said proud Bowling Green alumnus and Whirlwind advisor, Coach Joe Marino.

          Congratulations to those graduating this year in the senior class.