West Geauga Students EXCELL in Program

Excel Tecc Students Garner Awards


Ed Marotta (l) and Rick Green (r)

          Six West Geauga students, enrolled in the Excel Tecc program, were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society this year: Richard Greene, enrolled in the Information Technology and Programming program, Edward Marotta, studying in the Interactive Media program, Molly Szucs, who’s enrolled in the Marketing program, and Sania Khan, Robert Morl, and John Sternen, all of whom are enrolled in the Medical Technologies program. The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit organization, dedicated to recognizing outstanding and motivated students who participate in programs like Excel Tecc, and to preparing those students for today’s workforce.

            “I am humbled to be mentioned as the top of my Excel Tecc class,” Marotta said. “It is a great honor to be included in such an exclusive group of students from all over Northeast Ohio and I am proud to represent West Geauga.”

            Ricky Greene noted that being accepted into NTHS provides students with advantages in pursuit of their future careers. “Being a member of the National Technical Honors Society helps me filter into the workforce, professional networks, and acquire skills needed for the ‘real world.’ Also, as a member, a student must demonstrate high standards of scholastic achievement, skill development, good character, leadership, honesty, and responsibility.”

            “As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, it is our duty to be the best people that we can,” Marotta added. “Volunteering and helping others around the school and community are our main responsibilities, as well as maintaining the best grades we can.”

          In addition to their fond words for the National Technical Honor Society, Marotta and Greene also had positive things to say about the Excel Tecc program, itself.

            “I feel that Excel Tecc is a chance to get a head start in your technical field, while remaining in the order of high school. Not only does it give you fine knowledge and hands-on skills of a specific field, but it also carves a path into your future by teaching you the importance of being successful in the workplace,” Greene said. “I am currently enrolled in the Informational Technology and Programming course. I can say I have successfully learned an abundant amount of skill in programming, software development, hardware management, and web design. The Excel Tecc course teaches you the ethics that go along with a field like IT and Programming.”

           “Excel Tecc is great. I feel like it really helps those students, who are focused on their career paths, [planning] for their future jobs in a job-based environment,” Marotta said. “The program that I participate in for Excel Tecc is called Interactive Media. In that class we work a lot with Adobe Suite in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. These are all graphic art programming applications that advance our knowledge in career-based artistic design. This differs from other educational opportunities by allowing us, as students, to work hands-on with clients in small jobs. This is a great experience to have because we can see how working jobs in the real world is going to be like.”

           Congrats to all the award winners !