Enlisted to Serve

Vidal joins the Navy


          Whereas many of his peers have chosen to go on to colleges and universities as they finish out their senior years of high school, David Vidal has chosen a different path. While not as isolated as the “road less traveled” in the classic poem by Robert Frost, it is, none-the-less, not as common for graduates of West Geauga, where up to 88% of our “grads” attend school virtually every year. On December 8th David will begin boot camp, and from there will go on to serve in the nation’s military in the navy.

            “Both of my parents served in the Navy, and my brother is currently in the Navy,” Vidal said. “It’s a way of saying thank you to a place that had given me so many great opportunities. Also, it sharpens me into becoming a better man.”

David’s parents have been very supportive of his decision to enlist, and he said that doing so wasn’t hard decision for him. “I’m excited. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

           David, who has participated as a member of both the football and wrestling teams while at West Geauga, said he plans to serve for at least twenty years. He then hopes to get married and settle down with some kids. Anchors away, David !