Senior Show Steals the Show

2014 Seniors are Talented


          West Geauga held its very own 2014 Senior Show at the West Geauga Middle School gym, Friday April 11th, 2014. The amount of talent shown that night was easy to spot. From singing to dancing, the students who performed were incredible. Parents and students from all ages came to support the seniors and filled the entire gym.

          Mariah Evans hosted the show with Ben Holser as her co-host.Many students sang during the show. These students were Lauren Gerbino, Jennifer Cavasinni, Cora Polard, Samantha Sanker, Stephen Osborn, Rachel Meer, Tiana Wiest, Lilly Faulk, Tori Sargent and Natalie Poremba. Students who played an instrument were Nick Zebrowski, Michael McGrordy, Cora Zereni, Cora Polard, Henry Watson, Connor Haffy, Anthony Delagotti, Nathan Waite, Steve Merrimen, Layla Nosek, Jacob Galamous and Eli YoungJordan Henderson choreographed a beautiful dance routine.

          Ryan Zuzek lip synched “Let’s Go to the Mall” from the show How I Met Your Mother. He also had back up dancers in Sydney Van NessVictoria RobertsonAlexa Crow and Sierra Gervasi. Ryan didn’t miss a beat as he danced around stage, mouthing the words perfectly.

          Nick Zebrowski, Jacob Galamous, Steven Merrimen, Nathan Waite and Layla Noskek’s performance was one I hoped would never end. The five of them played a song written by Jacob, himself. The performance was not only exciting to watch, but the amount of talent was incredible.

          A round of applause to all of the talented 2014 seniors who performed in this year’s talent show! Great job !