A (Pint) Bottle of Red

Annual Blood Drive Save Lives


            The bi-annual West Geauga High School blood drive came and went this past April 11th. As always, the Student Council organized and ran it smoothly. There was plenty of food and drink for all the generous donors, and they enjoyed it immensely. “I’ve donated blood every time I’ve been allowed. It’s one of my favorite things to do because I’m saving three lives. The food is just an added bonus at the end!” said experienced donor, Andrew Centrackio.

            While this was not the most successful blood drive in terms of the number of donations, compared to years past, it still went well. Every drop of blood matters. It all saves lives. The Red Cross was thankful for everyone who donated. A total of 80 people went through the registration process. 20 of those 80 people were unable to donate because of complications like being too small or having an iron deficiency. Another 2 people were unsuccessful in their donation, as the veins did not cooperate. All together there were 51 “normal” donations and 5 “double red” donations, for a grand total of 60 pints.  

            The drive, as a whole, saved approximately 180 lives. This year’s blood drive will lead to many more successful drives in the future!