Fencing Season Closes

          When most people think of fencing, not much comes to mind besides white outfits and swords. However, there is much more to fencing then meets the eye.

          For West Geauga High School this year there is a limited number of players. The entire team consists of 11 total people. There is no specific number of matches due to the fact that the number depends on whether or not the individual fencer wants to compete or not.

          The team is working hard so far this year and having a good time while they’re at it. Their team goals this year are to have a great year and to have a good time together doing it. The team is very close and they have formed lasting friendships.

          Taylor Thornton, a sophomore fencer on the team, said, “I like that we bond so easily, despite doing minute – long wall sits and lunges and just have fun, like a family.”

          It is obvious from the team’s fun-loving nature, that, despite the difficult and tiresome conditioning and preparation, they are sticking together and keeping a positive attitude, no matter how they do this season.

          With their attitudes and close bond, the West Geauga fencing team’s season promised to be a rewarding one.