Ohio Legislature Considers Calamity Day Increase

Snowbelt Scenery, Geauga Style

Snowbelt Scenery, Geauga Style

            If you’re not already aware, it has been cold this winter.  Blistering cold.  Antarctic cold.  Penguin cold.  Like hell freezing over cold.  Yeah, it’s been freezing.  In fact, January was the coldest month since January of 1994 – that’s before most of us students were born!  Because of this record cold, we’ve had no school more times than every year since the blizzard of ’78, also known as the “White Hurricane.”  As of February 10, 2014, we’ve had 9 snow days!  Seven of those “snow days” have been because of the cold, rather than the snow and bad roads. 

            Ohio Governor John Kasich realized that this is a problem and decided to address it.  He is urging state officials to work on legislation that would allow a one-time increase of calamity days the school districts can use this year.  And it’s not just West Geauga.  Most schools, statewide, have already used their allotment of five calamity days.  In a news release to the Ohio General Assembly and Ohio Department of Education, Kasich asked them to work together for legislation on the topic.  “School closures can, of course, be an inconvenience, but student safety always comes first.  Giving schools a few extra snow days this year will be helpful and let everyone stay focused on the top priority when weather hits, keeping kids safe.”

            A few years ago the number of calamity days was lowered from five to three.  In 2011, it was raised back to the present five. 

             Luckily, we have people who care about us in the cold, cold winter.