Snowballs – n – Beach Balls

West G. Rocks the Winter Dance Scene

King Rob

King Rob

      Everyone loves the beach, especially in the winter! So, of course, we decided to change things up and transform our gym into one. Snowball was here, and it was beach themed. The dance was Saturday, February 8th, starting at 8pm, going until 11pm.

     Even though the theme is a little out of the ordinary, some traditions never change. Every year, West Geauga teachers elect 5 possible kings that they believe are good leaders and have gone above and beyond in school. Those hopeful contestants were Curt Williams, Robbie Alcorn, Danny November, Beau Rossbach, and Jake Barber for the King of Hearts court. “I’m honored,” said Curt Williams, senior. In the end, Robbie Alcorn took home the crown. Congratulations, Robbie!

     How does the magic happen? Student council! They plan for weeks in preparation for this one night to make it special. They also are in charge of decorating the gym and hallways for the dance. They use the money they gather from fundraisers and events put on over the course of the year.

     Our student council puts a lot of effort into this dance in order to make it perfect. West G. didn’t  let them down, as over 100 students came to the dance the last Saturday and had some fun!

      Tickets were $15 per person and were sold all week during all lunch periods.