It’s That -Valen-Time of Year Again

Ready or not…here comes Cupid’s arrow


     The holiday season isn’t over quite yet ! Don’t know what to get for your girlfriend, boyfriend, “friend friend” or a member of your family? Look no further! Here are some quick gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

Personalized M&Ms: Everyone loves M&M’s. Make them special with cute notes or pictures.

Stuffed Animal Bears: Girls love big stuffed animals, so surprise her with one!

Flowers: Why not go by the book and get flowers for that special someone? They are beautiful and smell great.

Chocolate/candy: A box of his/her favorite candy is sure to make your significant other delighted!

Dinner: Go out to dinner! Make sure to secure reservations because it wouldn’t be good if you go to the restaurant and it had a long line to wait in. You could also MAKE dinner !

Movies: Go to or rent a movie!

Cards: Telling someone how much she or he means to you in a card or note will for sure make him/her feel appreciated!

Homemade Gifts: These show you spent time. This makes the gift more special. Arts and crafts are sweet and can be fun! Pinterest has many different ideas for DIY (do it yourself) gift ideas with instructions on how to do them. Try it and have fun!

     Hopefully these gift ideas spark an idea of what this Valentine’s Day will entail. Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!