West G. Cafe Achieving Success


            By now you’ve all seen the new café located in the cafeteria.  But do you really know the goings on behind the delicious snacks?

            Café Achieve is run by students in the Geauga Achieve program. It is designed to be a vocational training program for students before they graduate, giving them real world experiences in handling many aspects of working in a retail setting.  While staff assistance is required for some parts of the café, it is almost entirely run by the three students in the program in the morning.

            The café was created because the staff wanted an experience for the students in the program like the one on the east side of the county in their Cardinal High School program. The students benefit from extended training in a small group environment where they can learn valuable skills to carry with them once they graduate.  Although they have to set up, bake, package, and display cookies, help customers and work on functional academics related to the Café, they still have fun by meeting and talking with all the students and staff who are daily customers.

            If you have yet to experience Café Achieve, they sell fresh baked cookies made and packaged by the students, hot chocolate, tea, and a wide variety of coffee flavors.  For the most part, they get their products through shopping on the weekends and directly from the Keurig company.

            Stop by the café Monday- Friday from 7:30 am until 10:00 am to get some morning munchies!