Let’s Get Fired Up

Football Cheerleaders Made Some Noise

Lets Get Fired Up

    When it comes to making the many people in the stands, from the student section to the family and friends watching West Geauga’s very own football teams pumped, the cheerleaders are number one. Cheerleaders are known to be bubbly, peppy, and full of excitement; that’s exactly what the West Geauga High School cheerleaders are.

     The varsity cheerleading captains are seniors Bailey Bellitto, Katie Cuthbert, Natalie Defranco, Carly Wilson, and Rachael Himes. These five girls, coached by Mrs. Kim Zannetti, and the rest of the varsity cheerleading squad, are in charge of hyping up the stands as well as the football to players compete under the Friday night lights. Of the ten games this season, captain Bailey Bellitto said she was most excited for the homecoming game on October 4th. What she looked forward to most out of this season was the football boys winning and playing their absolute hardest.

     ”The season went as expected,” Bailey said. They hope the season continues how it has been going and to see some more winning scores!

     The JV cheerleaders support for the JV football team. Unlike the varsity, there are no captains on the JV squad. These girls, coached by Mrs. McDonald, spend their Saturdays cheering their hearts out for the boys on the JV football team.

     The freshmen cheerleading squad is coached by Ms. Rebecca Rugg, a West Geauga alumnae. The freshmen football games occur on Thursdays, where the freshmen cheerleading squad makes sure they are heard.

     No matter varsity, JV, or freshmen, the West Geauga Cheerleaders are continuously cheering their heads off, in hopes that the stands cheer as well, to pump the football boys up. West is Best!