West Geauga Finds New Guidance

Wolverines Work for Widman


          From happy times to bad, the guidance counselors at West Geauga High School are constantly helping the students with whatever they might need. Replacing Mrs. Megan Petronsky is Ms. Sarah Widman. She grew up in Sandusky, Ohio. Following her graduation from John Carroll University, Ms. Widman decided to stay in the Cleveland area.

          While in graduate school, she interned here at West Geauga. She was a long-term substitute also, filling in for Mrs. Petronsky and Mrs. Timmons at the middle school. She also served as the district’s Bullying Prevention Program Coordinator for a year. “Even though I have some experience in the district, I consider this to be my first, official job!” said Widman.

          From interning to substituting, and having a spot in the West Geauga guidance office, Ms. Widman says she has always felt welcome and supported since the day she started. She is appreciative of the opportunities she receives to collaborate with the staff, students, and the families of the students. “I am delighted to be a part of the West Geauga community!” says Widman, when asked if West Geauga was what she expected it would be. She is happy with how everything has been going and how it turned out.

          If there was one part of this year Ms.Widman could change, it would be to be able to individually introduce herself to all of the students. She said to, “…please feel free to stop by,” and is currently trying to check-in with students during school hours. Because of the hectic times at the beginning of the school year, she was not able to meet all of the students.

          When asked if she was surprised by any event that occurred during this school year to date, she responded, “I was impressed with the number of students who took the initiative to introduce themselves to me during the first few days of school. I felt welcomed and these kind gestures affirmed that I was in a wonderful place.”

          We are happy to welcome Ms. Widman to the family of West Geauga, just as she is happy to be a part of it. If you have not gone to meet the wonderful Ms. Widman, stop by!