A Not So “Gray Aura”

West Geauga Latin Teacher is Instantly a NEW Classic


          Mr. Aaron Michael Graora graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in 2008. He then attended Hiram College, where he was planning to major in pre-veterinary science with a minor in the Classics. He later transferred to John Carroll University to pursue a degree in Classical Studies, which he attained in 2012. He replaced Mr. William Prueter, who retired, as West Geauga High School’s Latin teacher, this year.

          Mr. Graora’s decision to become a Latin teacher was based on his interest in ancient cultures and on his desire to bring the subject to life. “I believe there is a lot we can learn from these ancient cultures. Latin and Greek are very much alive in our society today. Not just in terms in medicine and law, but the ideals and hopes of the ancients have found their way into our daily lives through laws, government, religion, books/movies, and the list goes on and on,” Mr. Graora said.

          Of the transition into the teaching position, Mr. Graora had this to say: “I understand that change is a bit difficult for the students, as well as the new teacher. But change is a great thing. It lets us know that things are continuing. I am in no way trying to replace Mr. Prueter. As I understand, he was much loved by both the students and faculty. Whistling down the halls will always be a fond memory of him that I would not be able to replicate (plus I feel I make enough noise in the classroom trying to get the students pumped for Latin). My purpose is to offer a new approach at learning Latin. This is the main job of a teacher, to help the students learn to the best of their ability. Change can be hard, but it is for the better. As I like to think: Rome did not fade away, it merely changed into something else throughout history.”

          Mr. Graora has already succeeded in bringing a youthful energy to the Latin department, effortlessly relating to students, discussing pop-culture subject matters, like The Walking Dead (a television series on AMC), and explaining the substance, style, and rhetorical purpose of ancient texts in a way that students can understand and relate to. He also has plans for making Latin Club more enjoyable for students, while still maintaining an academic focus by incorporating fun activities and competitions that will engulf students in the cultures they study.

          Mr. Graora closed with a personal quote: “I like to think of life as a story—a book if you will. And so you must live your life so that you would want to reread your own story with no regrets.”