The Best AP is a Strong “D”

Dahlhofer Moves to High School

          Do you remember that one, tall guy who stared at you when you sat in his office at the middle school because you were in trouble?  Yeah, he is up here now.

           That same jolly giant followed you here to the high school and is now stalking you if you don’t follow the code of conduct.  Maybe you’re not one of those kids who is ever in trouble, so you enjoy seeing his bright, shiny face every day.  Either way, whether you like it or not, Mr. Ron Dahlhofer is back and he’s here to stay.

            Although he is enjoying his time here at the high school so far, being involved with a lot more students than he was before, Mr. D. does miss being in the classroom, teaching math.  What makes it a little harder is that this year’s senior class is the last class he taught in math. 

            He is also working to adjust to some of the daily routines here at the high school.  One of the biggest differences is finding students who are actually taller than him. “It is a little weird that there are students in this building taller than me.  However, I remember them as little 6th graders, getting in trouble and crying in my office.  So I am not intimidated by these big, bad high schoolers.”

          Mr. Dahlhofer’s favorite students are those who chose “Team Dahlhofer” over “Team Kish” at the middle school.  He mentions that, “…those students made the right decision.”

            If you’d like to know a little bit more about him, Mr. D. worked at All Saints School in Wickliffe as a 5th grade teacher before he came to West G.  He didn’t make enough money to live on, so he had to work at restaurants, do landscaping, and hang wallpaper to make more money.  “Tall people are great at hanging wall paper.”  His favorite food is anything that can be grilled.  If he was to shrink to the size of a pencil and be put in a blender, he assumes that he would be taller than the average pencil, so he would reach his freakishly long arms up and climb out.

            That’s what D said.