West G. TV Rolls

     Good morning, West Geauga! West G. TV is back again this year to bring you the daily morning announcements. Leading a young group of many new members are club leaders Mark Friedel (President), Paedyn Gomes (Vice President), Kristina Zerbe (Secretery), Natalie Cizek (Treasurer). Advisor Mrs. Kelly Klampe expects dedication from all member and for them to, “…bleed West G. TV.”

          Hinting at what is to come in the near future, Mrs. Klampe said there might be some new equipment used, and that they may try to include more segments this year. If you ever wonder how the songs that you hear every morning are picked ? They are usually chosen by the officers from a group of requests.

          The club meets once per month, after school, in the studio.  If you’d like to join, se Mrs. Klampe or any of the officers. Stay tuned for new things to come.