Adding One More

West G. Math Goes “+1”


          Math is a subject that is usually talked down upon. “It’s too confusing and it gives me a headache,” one student complained. It’s known as the subject that most people don’t like. People will say math is boring. I’ll admit that math is my worst subject, hands down. Our teachers are trying to change that for us, and most are succeeding. This year, we add another teacher to the mix.

          We have always had very good teachers at our school, in every subject, including math, and this year is no different. New to West Geauga after teaching one year at Ravenna High School, Mr. Phil Shiban, starts his career here as a Wolverine: and so far loves it. After attending The University of Indianapolis, Kent State, and being a computer programmer, he moved to West Geauga High School to teach algebra and geometry.

          He entered teaching because of his step children. When asked about his favorite part of teaching at West Geauga, he says, “What else? The kids!” I have to agree. Sure, we get pretty rowdy, but we’re also pretty great…if I do say so, myself.

          We’re very happy to welcome him onto the staff. The students seem to have been really enjoying and striving in his class, and they all really like him. Mr. Shiban’s message to the student body and staff is, “Math is everywhere!”

          We wish good luck to Mr. Shiban as he continues teaching at WGHS.