Home Away From Home


          Other than attending camps or a vacation with your friends, the average teenager usually doesn’t leave home for more than a couple weeks, tops. Most of us wouldn’t be able to imagine traveling to somewhere completely new and staying with a family you have never met before. Well, that is exactly what Fatima Ialrissi-Azzouzi is doing this year, as she traveled to America, all the way from Morocco. Fatima says that the thing most different about American culture, as opposed to the Moroccan culture, is how big the dinner meal sizes are. She says that she is, “…from a country where every meal is a big meal, except for dinner.” Staying with a family other than her own is, “…different in a good way,” and she also said that she gets to, “…experience life with another family.”

          Although living with a new family is good, school, on the other hand, is a different story. Fatima says that it is different, but in a somewhat negative way. “It starts so early and you have to stay for lunch in school. Every time you change class the students are different.”

          What made Fatima decide to become a foreign exchange student was the fact that she likes to travel. Fatima has not lost touch with her family while spending time in American and, in fact, says that keeping in touch with her family is going great and not difficult at all. “We Skype every day,” she says.

           Fatima is a senior this year and will be staying in America with her host family for the whole school year.