New Year, New Tile


          West Geauga High School might have many areas in the school that could use some – in some people’s eyes – improving. One of those things that needed tending to was the tiles outside of Mr.Cirno’s room. “I think the tile looks good,” said one of our high school janitors, Mr.Starrett. It took nearly five days total to complete the replacement of the tiles.

          By the end of last year, there were small cracks visible in some of the tiles from students and staff walking on them. Over the years, the cracks grew worse. The cracks expanding made the replacement necessary.

          There have been no complaints on the tile replacements, minus the color of the tiles. The color is insignificant to the aspect of quality, though. Everyone seems pleased with how the tiles turned out and how they are holding up.

          There is no word on the subject as to when or if all the hallway floors at West Geauga High School eventually will be replaced with the same tired.

          Another improvement was that the main gym was repainted.  According to Mr.Starrett, the Business Manager, Mr. Russo will authorize more improvements in the future and he plans on more painting every year from now on.

          If you haven’t seen the new tiles, go check them out and thank Steve for doing such a wonderful job!