Blue Ribbon Excellence

Blue Ribbon Excellence

          Many people have heard of West Geauga’s excellence, but not as many have been lucky to experience it for themselves. Families of the students at West Geauga are happy, knowing their children are in a safe place where they are being educated to their full potentials. Students are expanding their knowledge every day they go to school. The quote, “You learn something new every day,” is true in this case. Because of its hard working students and staff, West Geauga has won a Nation Blue Ribbon Schools Program award.

     What is the Nation Blue Ribbon Schools Program? It is a school being recognized by the United States Department of Education because of the advanced levels at which the students perform. There are numerous qualifications pertaining to becoming a Blue Ribbon school, but West Geauga was given this great honor in recognition for its outstanding work.

     “It’s exciting, very nice to be recognized,” said Mr . Jay Bishop, principal of West Geauga High School. West Geauga was invited to apply to receive this honor, based on the performance of our district

     “We are allowed to take the principal and one teacher,” Mr. Bishop said. There was one exception; if there is an incoming principal, then both the former principal and the new principal are able to go to Washington D.C. to receive the award. Mr. Dave Toth, WGHS’ former principal, will be joining Mr. Bishop, along with our superintendent, Mr. Palmer, the head of the English Department, Mr. Connell, and Mrs. Dottore from the board of education.

     West Geauga deserved this award and I’m happy to say I have had the privilege of attending this wonderful school for all of my middle school and high school career.