Covid Obligated Visitors Into Destinations

Pandemic Offers Inexpensive Travel Opportunities


It was March of 2020 and EVERYTHING around the world was shutting down; the world as we knew it was now on full lockdown. At this time, I was in the middle of my junior year when we transferred to all online classes. 

It is sad to say, but I haven’t returned back to the school since the pandemic started. Although the pandemic deeply affected society, it also brought a new opportunity for individuals wanting to travel, having to follow strict guidelines, however. 

The Corona virus made purchasing airline tickets cheaper than normal, allowing more people to go on vacation with their families. As Spring Break was approaching just a few weeks ago, my parents were deciding whether or not to take a trip to Puerto Rico. If you wanted to travel during the pandemic, you needed to be tested 3 days prior, make sure to have hand sanitizer and wipes, and stay as safe as possible with masks. As for my family, my mom had us wear double masks and sanitize and wipe down anything (and everything) we had touched. It was a crazy experience going through security with all the restrictions, but we somehow made it. 

Furthermore, when we got to Puerto Rico we had to be checked by the nurses and the medical staff to show that we were negative for the virus. The pandemic is taken very seriously, even in places you wouldn’t expect it to be. After we left the airport, we arrived at our apartment and settled down for dinner and unpacked our suitcases. It was a weird feeling, being able to travel 1,800 miles away from home during a worldwide pandemic, but here we were doing it. The weather was around 84 degrees every day and sunny, and it was a wonderful break from the isolation we experienced in the past year. 

After living through the pandemic, and while still living in it, there are things people have done that they never thought they would ever do. Traveling was always out of the question because of how many cases there were at the beginning. But with the opportunity to do all online school, it has allowed me to create my own schedule, travel with family, work when I want to work, and ultimately just have a good time. 

For me, not having to go to school in-person has made it easier for me to work on myself and learn about our world but doing it in a safe manner under first-time restrictions.