Conquered Opponents Victimized In Defeat

Lacrosse Opens Season with 5 wins


Photo Courtesy Will Lyman

After a very unfortunate sequence of events last year, the boys lacrosse team will be suiting up once again, hoping to play some games this year. Due to the Covid pandemic in 2020, there weren’t any games played throughout the course of the spring for these boys. It is looking promising this year, as their first game was Thursday, April 8, 2021 at home at 7pm versus Eastlake North. Score one for the good guys, as the final score was 13 – 2 in favor of West G. 

 There were many obstacles that had to be crossed in order to make this season happen and be successful like Zoom meetings with the team. This demonstrated clearly that the boys are willing to do what it takes in order to make this season have the least amount of risk possible and be able to play.

The team is led by head coach Mr. Vince Amato, and two West G graduates in assistant head coach Mr. Anthony Tadaj, and assistant coach Mr. Daniel Sulzer. There are roughly 26 athletes on the roster, which is about an average amount for a lacrosse team. There are no captains on the team, as Coach Amato implemented a different system of Team Leaders. These team leaders include Sam Onderdonk, Cole Frate, Billy Onderdonk, Bryan Hann, Thade Fedor, and Guven Chauhan.  The system comes from the military, as each of the players is responsible for a swim lane of players and each swim lane has different responsibilities throughout the season. There are 11 seniors on the team, including Ethan Alvis, Kyle Avis, Guven Chauhan, Thade Fedor, Bryan Hann, Patrick Meakin, Nick Modliszewski, James Mullally, Seamus Mullally, Billy Onderdonk, and Reese Simpkins. This is good because there will be a lot of leadership from these seniors, in addition to the Team Leaders, to help show the younger guys how it’s done.  

Although the season has just begun, starting with an impressive 5 – 1 record, there have been two awards given out to the team already. The pre-season Attendance Award  was won by Sam Onderdonk, Billy Onderdonk, and Bryan Hann. The other award given out was the pre-season Never Quitting Award, which was won by Cole Frate. 

Coach Amato’s goal for this season is to create life-lessons in these competencies and to build life-long character in the athletes. He tells his team mainly that there is no substitute for hard work and to, “…listen if they want to be heard.”

Coach Amato also said the thing he’s enjoyed the most this season is the youthful enthusiasm for the game. Enthusiasm like players learning whole new positions to put their team in the best spot possible to succeed. This is exactly what C.J. Timm is doing, as he is learning goalie, which is basically the quarterback of the team. He puts in work on off days in hope to help his team succeed. 

This fits Coach Amato’s favorite quote which is, “Family isn’t just blood relatives it’s anyone who LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY”  This fits perfectly with the team’s mindset as they hope to achieve something great this season.