Classic Older Vibes Include Dancing

Music is a Family Affair For the Likovic Family


The Musical Likovic Men

O.K….quick ! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “accordion.” Polka music that your grandparents listened to in years gone by or, perhaps, an “Oom Pah” band that pops up once per year during Octoberfest ? Well, there are many kids at West Geauga High School. With these kids come many different talents and passions. One of these passions we are highlighting belongs to junior, Thomas “T.J.” Likovic, who plays the…you guessed it…accordion. T.J. has enjoyed playing the accordion since he picked it up, and he has grown to love it over the years. 

It began when he was born. His father was a polka fan, so, due to that, he grew up listening to it and developed a passion for the music.  One of his father’s friends from when he was younger was an accordion player and played polka music. When T.J. heard the accordion, he knew it was for him. He began to learn from his father’s friend and slowly, but surely, he learned how to play and developed a love for the instrument. His father did not know that he had been learning, though. 

As one of his father’s birthdays approached, he wanted to learn a few songs to play for him. His father’s friend subsequently taught him; when his dad’s birthday came around, he had perfected a couple of songs to play for him and his father absolutely loved it. From that day, he knew that he had the passion and wanted to keep doing it and learn even more songs.

One of his favorite parts about the accordion is all of the social gatherings and the crowds dancing to the music. T.J. loves to play for people and liven up an environment with his musical talents and will play anywhere. He says he will be more likely to make a return to a place and play if the people are feeling the music and having a good time, enjoying themselves. He loves playing due to the fact that he can liven up an environment, his love for polka music, and being able to put his own twist on some songs, just having as much fun as possible with it.  

The sole reason he plays is for the people and aims to always make sure they are entertained and having fun. TJ is definitely just getting started, as he has been doing this now for about 5 years and is still learning each and every day. According to TJ, he is a “regular” in his father’s band, Ron Likovic and Friends, along with his brother, 30 year old RJ, who plays drums, making his love of music a family affair, also.   

His goal for the future is to learn all different types and different styles of music and to aim for the younger crowds to bring younger generations in to listen.