Continuous Optimism Visits In Duplicate

Kindness Week Makes its West G. Debut

Continuous Optimism Visits In Duplicate

Several weeks ago West Geauga’s Student Council Executive Board met with our principal, Mr. Jay Bishop, to come up with some ways to boost morale, inclusion, and positivity in the school, as well as recognize National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th. The student council created a spirit committee for this sole purpose. The inspiring ideas led to a week full of kindness (AKA Kindness Week) and bright faces here at West G. The Stu Co attendees were excited to keep boosting morale and bringing a bit of cheer to the students and staff during an awful Covid winter.

A “Kindness Challenge” was presented to the students to complete as many kind deeds as they could in one week. Completing the challenges and submitting a checklist form on-line entered them into the drawing for a chance to win a Kindness t-shirt or gift card.

The Stu Co is managed by Mrs. Stephanie Meyer, and, every year, somehow, they never fail to create something new and interesting. As for Kindness Week, we are in a time full of hurt and need a bit of happiness in our lives. Because it was the first year of the event, the council managed to keep it generally small. Although Mrs. Meyer said, “In future years we hope to make this a bigger event, possibly including an assembly, community service/outreach, and some more activities/challenges. So what was Kindness Week all about ?

Each day had a different theme people could participate in. Tuesday was “comfy PJ” day, as we “dreamed” of kindness, followed by “tie dye” Wednesday in support of “Peace, love and Kindness” day. Thursday’s theme was “team up” for kindness, supported by wearing your favorite team’s apparel and Friday was Rainbow Day with each grade sporting a different color.

The students of West Geauga played a big part in spreading kindness awareness throughout our school and community. As Mrs. Meyer said, “I hope students and staff don’t just limit themselves to doing acts of kindness in this one week. I hope they see that asking someone how they are doing, holding a door open, or thanking others are simple things they can do every day to be kind to those around them.” She and the Stu Co hope that students will take these small acts of kindness and create a positive “ripple effect” in the community. One act of kindness can influence others to do the same. Mrs. Meyer also noted, “ Maybe kindness can spread faster than COVID!!!”

To further expand the idea of kindness, Mrs. Meyer thinks it would be a bright idea to create a Kindness Club whose sole purpose is to spread kindness all year long. Being a student at the schools could also kindle us into taking those good feelings we have after helping someone into doing one kind thing each day. 

In the years to come, Stu Co is hoping to not only spread kindness throughout the school but in our community. Mrs. Meyer is always open (and begging) for suggestions from students and staff as to what we can do to make our school better and what events/activities we can do to have more participation. 

“Hopefully, future years allow us to do more large groups and face to face activities and events than we can this year,” she said.