Covid Outbreak Voiced Its Demands

Boys Basketball Ends Challenging Season


2021 Senior Players and Cheerleaders

When was the last time you saw virtually an entire sports program be quarantined not once, but twice ? Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 boys basketball season ! 

This was a very strange season for everyone, but through all the adversity the West Geauga boys basketball team displayed a great amount of heart, grit, and determination. This year’s team consisted of 19 players on the jv/varsity roster, accompanied by 13 freshmen, some of whom actually got some playing time this year in the varsity games. The team only had a chance to play 10 games in this unfortunate season and finished with a 1-9 record. Although the team’s record wasn’t where they would’ve really wanted, the team continued to have the right attitude and focused on improving every day.  First year head coach, Mr. Dan Jones, loved how his seniors handled the season saying, “During a difficult season with many things out of their control and losses piling up, they kept a very positive attitude and came ready to get better and play hard every chance they got.” Senior Anthony Formichelli echoed those thoughts: “Not exactly the season we were hoping for, but it was nice to have one last year with this group of guys.”

With the year we are currently experiencing, it was very important to maintain a positive mindset, and the seniors did. A couple times this season the varsity team had to go into quarantine and this caused some young guys to have to step up and play. Preparing for the unexpected became more of a normal thing, as they never know what would happen. Coach Jones was very happy with the way some of his younger guys stepped up to the plate and he said, “I would just want people to know that this group has been extremely resilient and should be proud of how they handled a tough situation.” It was especially tough with the limited gym time they had time to prepare, and this caused them to have to work more on individual skill training like shooting, dribbling, screens…etc in order to become “game ready” more quickly.

Looking forward to next year, Coach Jones has high hopes as he looks forward to having an uninterrupted season and time to prepare.  Next year will be the coaches first season with a chance to have a full offseason and preseason, so it won’t be new for them, but it will be for the West G players. That will involve going to team camps and being in the gym as much as possible throughout the spring and summer. 

Coach Jones and his staff did a great job with the cards that they were dealt this season and did what they could in order to make the program successful.  Coach Jones reflected, saying, “ West Geauga basketball has a bright future full of wonderful, hard working student-athletes and I am very excited to see where it goes.”