Crossman Offering Variety In Dialects

French I – III Classes Offer a WORLD of Educational Benefits

Crossman Offering Variety In Dialects

Hello, Students ! West G offers numerous classes and world languages are some of them! In fact, West G offers Spanish, French, and Chinese! One of our language teachers, Mrs. Shannua Crossman (Madame Crossman if that fits your fancy) has been teaching languages for 23 years and instructs both Spanish and French here at the high school. It is Madame Crossman’s goal and hope that, “Students embrace the opportunity to learn about global languages and culture!”

West G offers French I, French II, and French II Honors. If all goes as planned, next year there will also be French III and French III Honors. And…speaking of the, “If All Goes as Planned,” idea, the year after that French IV and French IV Honors will be made available. 

Sadly, because of COVID-19, the trip to Europe is on hold. In the past Mrs. Crossman and other teachers have traveled to France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, and Canada. English teacher, Mr. Joe Marino, said, “My daughter went on the Europe trip in 2017 as an early graduation gift, and she still speaks of it as one of the best experiences she had in high school.” Madame Crossman hosts these trips so students can experience the culture of the languages they are studying. They are a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

People should really consider enrolling in a language class. For one, future jobs look for bilingual people because they have the ability to interact overseas. The amount of people who specifically speak French globally is crazy! It’s spoken across all five continents and (by 2050) it’s projected that 700 million people will be speaking French. Taking a language class can also better one’s communication skills and help make connections with new people!

Mr. Callahan has sent “Cool Kids French Video and slide presentation” to emails, also ! Check them out.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Mrs. Crossman at [email protected]