Creative Optimistic Valuable Interventions…Daily !

PBIS Program Aims to Increase Positive Interactions within West Geauga

Creative Optimistic Valuable Interventions...Daily !

Respect. Responsibility. Ready to Learn. Easier said than done ! Fortunately, a team of teachers, guidance counselors and administrators is ready, willing and able to make sure students at West Geauga have the ability to put these ideas into action. 

P.B.I.S. is being revived in the West Geauga schools this year and many staff and students are excited to see what it can do for our school’s future. What is P.B.I.S., you ask ? It stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, which is meant to create a foundation of systems to create a respectful, responsible, and safe learning environment that supports the needs of all students.  In previous years the school has brought about this issue, and it is continuing the effort to have it to become more relevant than ever: especially in these hard times since the Corona virus outbreak. In order for this to happen, West G will need to have positive partnerships with families and the community of our students and staff.

It all begins with building healthy relationships with students and making them feel as if they are important and welcomed. In fact, there is a 31% reduction in discipline issues in problem-schools where staff members develop positive relationships and connections with students. Obviously, it is essential that we, at West Geauga, build these relationships and continue to better our environment each and every day. To help make that a reality, the staff is completing PBIS reports, detailing when they experience positive interactions with students.

In P.B.I.S. the goal is not to punish students for things they can’t control, but to teach, instead, and help our students become better each and every day until they graduate. After they graduate, the hope is that they take what they learned with them into the real world and apply these lessons that have been taught. The concept is “teaching over punishing,” as that will not only make students feel better about themselves, but they will feel more encouraged to complete tasks and go about their days in a more positive manner. School guidance counselor Mr. David Callahan said, “Instead of bashing kids for what they already know they are doing wrong, we should try to find the positive in situations and acknowledge what they are doing well and succeeding in, rather ”

When implemented correctly, we could see many great outcomes, like a reduction in problem behavior, increased academic performance, improved social and emotional competence, improved perception of safety, reduction in bullying behaviors…and many more positive things. 

One thing the students can do to help promote this is to check their emails from the guidance counselors, as there will be valuable information on topics like PBIS in there that most students would not ordinarily see. In such an unpredictable, confusing year with everything that has been going on, P.B.I.S. is the perfect program to help at West Geauga, as we definitely need to shine some light on the positives throughout this year. It is essential that all the students work together to make West Geauga a better place each and every day and be kind to one another as the year progresses.