Career Of VanderMass Is Divine

West Geauga Welcomes Another Former Newbury Staff Member


Mrs. VanderMass

With the incorporation of the Newbury staff for the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited to announce the implementation of sparkling new faces at West Geauga High School. Amongst our beloved staff, we now have Mrs. Kristin VanderMaas, a Berkshire alumnae, who is beyond excited to. “…inspire students to do their best and reach their full potential.” 

Mrs. VanderMaas’ current position here at West Geauga is a high school Intervention specialist; she has been a part of education and administration for 27 years. She said, “The students and staff have been extremely friendly, helpful, patient and supportive.” She is most excited to, “…meet new people and conquer new challenges; my goal is to inspire students to do their best.” 

Mrs. Vandermaas graduated from Berkshire High School and later furthered her education at Hiram College. In high school she worked at Sunrise Farm in Burton, and when on breaks from college, she would work at Blossom Hill Nursing Home in Huntsburg, Ohio. Although she has never done anything other than education as a full time job, she has had a wide range of experiences while coaching volleyball, softball, and track. 

In addition to teaching, she has been greatly involved in high school basketball, where she scored over 1000 points during her career at Berkshire. She also enjoys her time spent attending Cleveland sporting events and hanging out with her grandchildren. 

As a part of her “home life,”  her husband’s name is Tod, with whom she has two children and 2 grandchildren…with one more on the way. 

Mrs. Vandermass has lived in Burton her entire life and has many fun and interesting hobbies. However, the ones that stands out the most would be gardening and enjoying her time with family. 

Something she wants the “world” to know about her job is, “I have been a gym teacher and an intervention specialist, and I prefer being an intervention specialist.” She is also very excited to meet the new people and conquer the new challenges this job has to offer, while seeing kids reach their full potential as individuals and students.