The Art of Normalcy

Fine Arts Department Increases by One


Mrs. Tokarsky

The 2020-2021 school year has certainly tested one’s ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. With the new students and staff from Newbury merging and unusual challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, West Geauga could use a bit of normalcy. Thankfully, we have a wonderful community, who welcomes the newcomers with smiling faces.  Mrs. Lauren Tokarsky has been the newest addition to the WGHS Fine Arts Department. 

While attending Thomas Worthington High School in central Ohio, Tokarsky studied artistic curriculum at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center during her junior and senior years, describing it as, “ExcelTecc for art.” She achieved additional impressive qualifications,  graduating from The Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree and Kent State University with a masters degree. Soon after, Tokarsky entered the world of high school arts education to, “…make a difference in the lives of young people by helping them discover and develop their creativity.” She has remained in education and intellectual administration for the last nine years. 

Outside of school, Tokarsky spends her free time exercising many enjoyable talents and hobbies. Besides creating art, Tokarsky finds happiness in hiking, reading, cooking, baking, exploring new places, visiting with friends and family, going to flea markets, and visiting museums. Tokarsky is married and resides in Kent, Ohio with her two cats. 

Students and staff are eager to learn more about Mrs. Tokarsky. There are many surprising, interesting facts presented in her story. For example, Tokarsky lived in Olympia, Washington for four years. Even more intriguing, her experience in the workforce lists positions at Starbucks, restaurants, CVS Pharmacy, and baking wedding cakes.

According to Tokarsky, her time at West Geauga has been pleasant. “Being new to the school this year,” she went on, “my main goal is to develop positive relationships with students.” Tokarsky is most excited about, “…helping students reach their full potential through art and getting to meet new people.”