Dare to Be Different

Mr. Justin Lesesky Joins High School Staff


Photo/Mr. Jim Kish

Mr. Justin Lesesky and I have something in common: last year, we both moved and are new to West Geauga High School. Even though he is “new,” to West Geauga, he is far from “new” or a stranger to teaching. Mr. Lesesky joins us from Newbury and has been teaching young adults for 15 years.

 Before becoming a teacher (in another life) Lesesky was a City of Solon garbage man, a sample person at Costco, and a UPS package runner. While those were all “jobs” he worked at, he has never done anything else full time, other than teaching, for a career; West Geauga is now reaping the benefits of his expertise. 

Mr. Lesesky instructs world history here at the high school. He enjoys relaying history to teenagers, which is one reason he wanted to be a teacher. The other big reason Mr. Lesesky wanted to teach was wanting every class period to be different…and different is definitely something he knows about.

During his senior year in high school, he volunteered to live in Honduras for two months. Mr. Lesesky said he, “Lived with no electricity, no running water, and had to sleep on a cot.” He also took the polar bear plunge, which is when people jump into a body of water despite the freezing temperatures. He did this on New Year’s Day. It’s not all different, though. 

Mr. Lesesky grew up and still lives in Solon, where he attended Solon High School. After high school, he went to Ohio University. Mr. Lesesky likes to be outside, and his favorite hobbies are running and fishing. He is also married with two kids, Harlan (5) and Warren (2). 

Mr. Lesesky commented on the people at West Geauga, saying, “The teachers really care about their students’ learning and well-being and the students are nice and welcoming to new staff.” Freshman Andrew Marino confirmed this by saying, “He is a new style of teacher who cares about his students not only learning but having a good time doing it.”

Mr. Lesesky hopes to help students enjoy this complicated school year and hopes to bring fun to them in that process.