It All Adds Up

Blair Joins Staff at High School


Photo/M. Jim Kish

West G’s roster gets more interesting every day, and Ms. Brianna Blair is one of the teachers making that happen.

Algebra and pre-calculus might not seem too exciting, but don’t read a book by its cover; between DJing, ultimate frisbee, and backpacking across Europe, this math teacher is anything from dull. Backpacking across Europe for six weeks in the summer of 2019 with her boyfriend, Blair visited Dublin, Liverpool, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona, Marseilles, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Athens, Nafplion, and New York City. It was the first time she had ever been out of the country (other than to Canada), and the first time she had ever been to New York City or gone on a vacation without oversized luggage that had a handle and wheels.

With a bachelors from Kent State and a masters from Cleveland State, Blair has fit these colorful experiences into 13 years of teaching. Teaching high school mathematics might not seem as if it would belong in her repertoire, but she sees a certain charm in it all — “I thrive on interactions with people, encouraging and learning from them while also learning about myself in the process,” she explains. 

Blair spends her days after class reading, painting, baking, playing board games — something she’s rather passionate about — and singing, a talent that’s earned her a few prizes in various competitions. Her “daughter,” Grace, twelve and half years old now, keeps her company through it all; she has some difficulty helping her in the kitchen, though, not having opposable thumbs and all, being an Australian cattle and all that. 

She appreciates the “patience and compassion” West G students have shown her during this “stressful time.” In reference to her job, Blair had this to say: “Effective teaching is an ongoing process, just as much as it is a community, which takes a lot of effort from the teacher, the student, the parent and administration.”