Cusman Joins High School Staff

Intervention Specialist Joins West G. Team


Photo/Mr. Jim Kish

This new school year has brought many new challenges along with many new faces.  Another one of our new faces from Newbury includes Mrs. Meredith Cusman, a new West Geauga intervention specialist. She is no stranger to the education world, as she has been teaching for roughly twelve years and loves every minute of what she does. She hopes every one of her students, “…has a positive attitude, is the best they can be, and grows as much as possible as students and people.”

Mrs. Cusman worked inventory control at an electronics factory prior to her teaching.  When asked why she went into the educational field, she responded with, “I enjoy being creative and working with adolescents.” This might be a result of the fact that she is the oldest of 12 children, so she has been working with adolescents since the birth of her first sibling.  She also grew up nearby, as she is an alumni of Perry. Following her high school career she attended Lake Erie College and then Baldwin Wallace where she continued her academic career. 

Outside of the classroom you can catch Mrs Cusman in nature, as she owns a house near a creek where she will often go on hikes with her husband. She is also a pet lover, as she owns two cats. Lastly, you can catch Mrs. Cusman going to concerts and enjoying some of her favorite music. 

Mrs. Cusman looks forward to the new challenges this year presents, as she helps her students grow and become the best possible version of themselves. Mrs Cusman wants her students to know that if they have a question, she will always be there to help. She loves the challenge of her work as it is ultimately rewarding in the end to see each kid progress and be better.