WGHS English Department Continues to Grow

Csontos Joins ELA Roster


Teaching isn’t for the weak of heart — but luckily for us, Ms. Kristen Csontos has what she needs to hit it out of the park. Like several of her colleagues, she will be “playing” on a new home field this year, joining the high school English department from Newbury.

Currently residing in Room 110, she has her bases loaded: ten years overall in education, eight in teaching and a little over twelve in coaching, means she’s made a few trips around the educational bases, to say the least. It began in high school where she tutored other students — seeing the look when someone “got it” had her hooked. After spending her college years at Lakeland Community College and Notre Dame College, Ms. Csontos has come to live an adventurous life with her 17-year-old Yorkie, Joey, to welcome her home at the end of each day.

Such adventures often take her out of the country — whether it be on faith-based mission trips, a vacation to cool off, or participating in or watching a sporting event overseas. Softball has been in Csontos’ repertoire for over a decade now, but there’s nothing “soft” about her skills. You can ask the Guatemalan National Softball Team or the Chinese Junior National Team for that matter — both of whom she has competed against — she’s pretty sharp!

Aside from a game on the diamond, Csontos enjoys basketball, the movies, and a good meal. She finds West G kids down to earth, fun, personable people. According to her, “The teachers and staff have been so welcoming and encouraging; I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. The students and staff make all the difference in the world. They really do.”

Csontos wants any would-be teachers or anyone who’d turn their nose up at it, for that matter,  to know that the field isn’t easy, even if you do get summers off. It’s a rewarding job, but in Csontos’ book, it demands both compassion and resilience — if don’t have those key traits, well, you’re out.