New Teachers New Ideas

Mrs. Kathleen Harrison Joins ELA Staff at High School


With the addition of the Newbury district to the West Geauga schools, we’ve added many great new students and teachers to each grade level. Among the new students and teachers is Mrs. Kathleen Harrison, a West Geauga alumnae, who is back with us to, “…spread [her] love for literature.” 

Mrs. Harrison is currently teaching classes like English 12-1, 9-1, and 9-2 and she is extremely happy to be back. She said,“The staff has been very welcoming and supportive through the whole transition to West G.” She has a natural love for teaching, as she enjoys, “…building strong, positive relationships with all of my students and [I] want all my students to be successful and to take what they learn in class and apply it to different facets of their lives.”

Mrs. Harrison graduated from West G. in 1988 and then attended Heidelberg College where she earned her BA in English and history. She then went to Notre Dame College to receive her teaching license and followed that up with that up with getting her MA in Education from the University of Phoenix. During her college years she had breaks during the summers where she would wait tables at the local SeaWorld in Aurora.

In addition to teaching,  Mrs Harrison is a woman of many talents. Right out of college she landed a job selling furniture; she was then hired by the Department of Defense as a computer programmer for Naval pay systems. She definitely is a very smart lady and has backgrounds in many different fields. She has now found a new home at West Geauga but had been teaching full time for 15 years. Prior to that she was also an OGT specialist for Painesville City Schools. It was always her dream to be a teacher due to her passion for sharing knowledge, and it wasn’t until her fourth child was born that she decided to go back to get her teaching license and make her dream a reality. Speaking of children…

Mrs Harrison lives in Middlefield and has many fun and interesting hobbies when she is at home like gardening, raising pets, and being a terrific nana and mother. She loves gardening and will freeze and pickle as many of her vegetables as she is able to. Some of her animals include chickens, ducks, bees, dogs, and cats. Her family includes her husband, four children, and a grandson. 

Mrs Harrison is also tough, as she had been through thyroid cancer and has been in remission for 16 years. Mrs Harrison is a fun, caring, strong, and smart woman who just wants to see her students succeed and help them. West Geauga is lucky to have her.