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2020 School Year Brings Different Learning Options


To say that the new model of learning we are currently at West Geauga experiencing due to Covid 19 has been a strange and difficult time would be an understatement — an understatement that, while true, doesn’t need to be pointed out. Everyone has felt the effects in one way or another, but students have felt a uniquely jarring change. As the school year started, students were given the choice to enroll in traditional classes or select a virtual on-line option for the 1st semester. 

The shift to online classes has been a potential solution to the dangers posed by gathering at school due to the virus for some. Last year during the 4th quarter, students met with their teachers via online classes once or twice a week, then went to Google Classroom to receive and complete assignments. It was relatively simple, and for some  students who always wished they were at home, rather than in class, it seemingly was a perfect fit. 

“It felt as if I was spending more time doing the work than I would’ve been at school,” remarked then junior, Owen Weir, in a breakout chat room a teacher had placed us and a few others in to complete a problem: when there, we had a chance to talk about the situation. Here, I heard a lot of my own frustrations echoed — without the change in scenery that going from classroom to classroom brings, completing schoolwork can feel incredibly tedious. Not only that, but in your house, surrounded by all the things you love to do, it’s difficult to get yourself to focus. 

This, paired with the inevitable technology difficulties, left a sour taste in the mouths of many. It’s also important to point out that the change last year was extremely sudden — one day we were planning for finals, and the next we didn’t know if we were even going to have finals. Such a seismic shift was going to be uncomfortable no matter what. 

We can’t know for sure how the future will play out, but there’s a very good chance we haven’t seen the last of online schooling. The more teachers and students alike use these online techniques, the more we’ll grow used to them, and the less frustrating they will be. That can also be said about much of what’s been occurring — from social distancing, to the use of masks. What seems scary to us today might be a comfortable and common place tomorrow.

As for this year, we have completed the first quarter. Some of the students who chose the virtual option are happy and some probably wish they had elected to return to the traditional classroom…and vice versa.

As Covid numbers begin to rise once again, several districts in NE Ohio have gone back to the virtual model recently. West Geauga, like most districts, is monitoring the situation and will make future decisions based on the information available as things occur. Stay tuned…