The Miller’s Tale…West Geauga Version

Mr. Sam Miller Joins Science Department


Last year, I think it’s safe to say we all assumed Newbury’s joining our district would be a big change to West Geauga. While 2020 might have come and slapped that assumption clean out of our hands, it isn’t to say that the Newbury merge hasn’t brought its fair share of changes — not as many changes as the Coronavirus — but changes, nonetheless.

One of those changes is Mr. Sam Miller, West Geauga’s newest science teacher. You can spot him in a biology or earth & space science classroom near you — or a Zoom session, if it suits you.

Before his educational career, Mr. Miller worked in food prep, delivery, and landscape — but, luckily for us, the majority of his work has been as a teacher. He confesses that what keeps him in an educational setting is his appreciation for the world around him, an appreciation that he can’t keep to himself. “I am continually amazed at how everything is interconnected,” he explains, “and I wanted to pass that on. I’ve always enjoyed learning and like discussing new scientific discoveries with students.” Likewise, his goal for his students this year is to, “…learn something that amazes them,” and to, “…broaden their perspectives.”

Outside of school, Mr. Miller likes to keep active by cycling, camping, hiking, and canoeing with his family — including the like-minded Mrs. Miller — who teaches science as well but at an elementary level. He enjoys his fair share of indoors hobbies, too. Reading — preferably fantasy or sci-fi — to movies, which, he notes always pale in comparison to the book, as well as the occasional board game, keep him busy. When asked for an interesting fact about himself, he responded that he, “…was nearly killed by a hay bale.” If you want an elaboration on that one, you’ll have to get it yourself. 

Mr. Miller describes his new professional home at West Geauga as, “Welcoming.”  Where he once was a lonesome science teacher, he’s excited to now have company. He explained that, “Before coming to West G, I’ve always been the only teacher teaching my subjects.” Mr. Miller can rest assured that, at the very least, he will never be bored alongside Mrs. Ledman, Mrs. Voelker, Mr. Taurasi, Mr. Sustin, Mrs. Gregory, Mr. Duncan, and Mrs. Meyer.