Always a Wolverine

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Always a Wolverine

These last 13 years have been a ride, and I can 100% say I made the most of it.  Not only has West Geauga taught me pretty much everything I know, but, more importantly, it has brought me together with all of my best friends.

It all started at Westwood Elementary back in the day. I can still picture it now. Me and my little, nervous 6 year old self hopping on the bus for half – day kindergarten.  I can truly say, not only at Westwood, but every school I’ve been to, I had a chance to learn from some of the nicest, most personable teachers out there. Westwood is my roots and brought me some of my closest friends to this day.  Starting out in elementary school, I was a little quiet, nervous kid. I still made friends easily and got along with everybody. Once 4th or 5th grade came around, though, I came out of my shell, which led to the next 7 years.

Once again, my getting ready for my first day of 6th grade (middle school), nervous, I was on the bus but ready for whatever was thrown my way.  Middle school is where kids typically find their true identity, friends, etc. Sixth grade was a completely new way of life, compared to elementary school, so the first year was really about learning and becoming comfortable.  Fast forward to 7th grade ! This is when it started to get real: school sports started. So now it was in full effect in every middle schooler’s mind: “Sports! Time to impress the girls”.   Not only that, but the trip to Chicago with the whole grade at the end of the year, living with your friends for a couple days, really brought people out of their shells.  Next thing you know,  8th grade comes, and we’re finally the “Big Kids of the school.” But it’s just to one year later and we’ll be the babies again.  Sports ! Williamsburg, etc. All great memories with friends and teachers.

The next summer, going into freshman year was definitely one of the more nerve racking (yet exciting) times of my life.  Next thing I know, two-a-days started and there I am thinking to myself, “Wow. Here I really am.”  Freshman year started with nerves, but once I got used to the school is when all the fun really started to happen.  High School is really that time when “cliques” or “friend groups” become more prominent. My friends have always remained the core of my high school experience.  I have the best friends in the world and that’s why my experience as a Wolverine will always be unforgettable.  The first 2 years of high school are kinda boring and just overall “growth” years, taking semi-hard classes, playing JV and what not.

Once my junior year came, being out on the field and the court in front of the whole community is just one of the most special things I could ever be a part of.  Junior year is really when my social limits expanded.

The summer going into senior year was awesome, being around my friends 24/7 and getting ready for football with my brothers was also an unforgettable couple of months.  Senior year really was all that I expected it to be: go to school,  do your work, hangout with your friends and repeat.  Unfortunately, my senior year had a couple major bumps in the road.  My 2nd to last football game ever I suffered a torn ACL and meniscus. It was definitely rough not being able to do the things I was used to doing, but, as I mentioned before, having the best family and friends really got me through it.

Here we are now in the midst of a global pandemic, but, once again, I can proudly say I not only lived my senior year to its fullest but also all of my school years…ever.  Being a part of West Geauga and this community is the greatest thing to ever happen to me and it’s way bigger than myself. It’s about those I’ve met and spent the last 13 years with.  Proud to be a Wolverine…not only in the past, and currently, but forever.

H.G. out !