Tony Out

Anthony Waters Bids Farewell

Tony Out

West Geauga High…such a roller coaster of events over the greatest 4 years of my life (so far).

Coming into high school, I had no idea what to expect. I was about 4’11” and everyone looked like giants. To be honest, I was pretty nervous. After the first couple months you begin to feel yourself grow with the culture. I began making friends with upperclassmen who were there with (surprisingly) open arms. Teachers care about students and want what’s best for them…which was so nice. I played basketball my freshman year, which brought me close with so many people. Freshman year overall was a great opening into high school

Sophomore year was a little rough. You’re now past the freshman “help” stage and you become more “on your own.” Now you have to adapt to being independent and more passionate about your work. I had a rough time doing that. I had to try really hard not to procrastinate and find my passion to complete my work. Mr. Bryan was one of the teachers who helped me work through this. His class is a lot of work. Notes, quizzes, tests, and activities always took some time to work on. I struggled through the first quarter. I boosted my strength up into becoming a good student. After I started to put more effort in, my grades reflected that. I went from being a “C” student to an “A” student at the end of my sophomore year. 10th grade was a definite wake up call for me.

Junior year was a confidence booster. It was as if my mind was really in a good place. I made so many friends and became close with almost all of my classmates. Teachers were a good place to get help, and I saw some teachers as role models. In your junior year it is your hardest year as a student. I had taken an AP class. It was a hard class that made me realize you really have to focus on details and studying. Junior year is a point where you feel so close (but yet so far) from the end of high school. Junior year was a tough one but a good one.

Senior Year…the end ! My senior year did not go as planned due to the lovely Coronavirus. But aside from that, this was (by far) my favorite year of high school. I found my people. 10 friends who stuck with me through it all. I still had others, but these 10 meant a lot. I realized that I don’t need everyone to like me. But to the people that do…I need to care for them.

I was the leader of the student section in the bleachers at athletic events. I gave chilling and thrilling moments to the Wolverine fans. I thank them for those priceless moments. I also joined a marketing Excel Tecc program, where I met some of the best people…ever. Writing this, I am now realizing how much high school meant to me. I am also so excited for what is coming next.

Thank you, West Geauga. Tony Out !