“King Solomon” Shares His Gold

…or Mines Some Advice


I remember setting my alarm for the first day of freshman year. I was so excited to meet new people and make forever friends. My adrenaline was rushing as I saw a bus with halogen lights brighten the edge of my driveway. This (I thought to myself) is the first day of high school.

Welcome to West G. A fairly small, yet wholesome – feeling high school nestled on the border of Cuyahoga and Geauga counties ! The students are friendly and hardworking. The staff is polite and professional but can also crack a few jokes now and again. The classes are tough, the stakes are high, and the air is thick with the drive to succeed.

Being a student at West G. was a truly fulfilling experience. Coming from a significantly smaller private school, I had zero friends going into freshman year. I remember on day one sitting in Ms. Nells’ room with my head down when this girl sat next to me and started a conversation. “Hey!” She said, “Are you new?” I told her that I was, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in a circle with a dozen or so other freshman, talking about our hopes and dreams for high school. I remember thinking I think I am going to like this place. Spoiler alert: I did.

The next two years were extremely rewarding. Despite the rigor of AP classes, I managed to maintain a lively social life and made memories both on and off school grounds. Highlighting some, I won two medals in Academic Decathlon against our rival school at the state competition. I went to prom with one of my senior friends. Junior year I hosted a foreign exchange student from the West Bank in Palestine, which, especially as a Jewish person, was one of the most interesting and gratifying things I have ever done. If you ever get the opportunity to host a foreign exchange student, I highly recommend you look into it.

Then comes senior year ! Even though it did not end how I envisioned it, it was probably the most fun year of my life. I spent the summer beforehand in Germany, studying abroad, and then jumped right into three AP classes, two honors classes, and two languages. On top of that, college application season was sneaking up on me and the pressure to get all of my college applications in on time was immense. I did it, though, and was accepted to my dream school…the George Washington University. Yay.

Then, however, it all stopped. The world stopped. I had to finish my senior year at the desk in my bedroom instead of in the lab in Mrs. Gregory’s room where I belonged. Prom was cancelled. We missed out on the opportunity for a traditional graduation. But, do you know what? That is ok. We are not defined by an event. We are still, and always will be, the Class of 2020. And, wow, will we have an amazing story to tell.

To the underclassman, and I cannot stress this enough, please, please, please go make memories. Go out with your friends. Go to Homecoming. Go to the football games. Show school spirit. You still have the rest of high school to make those deeply important and cherished memories. Do not waste it. I will never forget what it was like to be a Wolverine.

My friends and I all agree that West G. was an amazing experience. Now we are all embarking on the rest of our lives with the skills we learned over at the small school in Geauga County. So, thank you, West G. It has been a good run. I will be back soon.