This “Kat” is Out of the Bag

The West G “Bag.”


My past 4 years at West G seemed like the slowest 4 years of my life when I was living them, but now that the clock has finally ticked down to its last few minutes, I can’t help but think they went by in a flash. Just yesterday, it feels as if I was walking with my friends to biology and noticed that the “Harambe” mural had been painted over. A week ago feels like I was getting my first tour of the hallways as an 8th grader and couldn’t figure out how I was going to survive without getting lost. Last month feels as if I was still in elementary school, wishing to be in high school already. Now those days are all behind me, and it’s time to leave West Geauga in my past.

I have some advice for the students who follow in our steps. Give every teacher a chance, even if a friend or sibling called them “rude” or “scary.” I found my favorite teachers were the ones who seemed the most menacing. For example, Mr. Spotts !  Many peers I’ve talked to about him have said that he made them nervous and he was too harsh. In reality, he does his best to make his class laugh, while still teaching extremely well. He was one of the only math teachers I’ve had that I actually felt comfortable with going to if I had a question.

Next, stick to the right side of the halls, and keep your feet moving! Don’t crowd up in a group around a locker and block off the whole hallway, unless you want other students grumbling their annoyances at you. Additionally, involve yourself as much as you’re comfortable with.

Don’t take an extraordinary amount of AP classes if you know you won’t be able to juggle them, but, also, don’t take all of the easy classes so you can breeze by without a worry. Challenge yourself. Also, make sure you have time in your schedule for friends and most importantly, alone time. You’ll need time to refocus yourself when everything seems too overwhelming and stressful. And my last important piece of advice: make sure you eat breakfast.

As Mr. Mikes once told me, “Breakfast is super important to start off your day. Even if it’s just a piece of cake; you need that energy or you’ll be exhausted up until lunch.” I live by that statement. Eating breakfast in the morning took my days from being slow and defeated to feeling energized and engaged. Just grab a quick granola bar before you’re out the door or pack something the night before to eat during 2nd period.

After I graduate, I’ll be moving on to Cleveland State University to study journalism. I want to have my own blog and write about my travels or work for an online magazine or paper and write articles about what’s relevant in the world. I wish for my stories to be read around the globe, and that started here…with students, alumni, and staff reading my articles on the West G homepage. This was my upbringing, and I’ll never forget where I started.

Be proud of this school. This small town. One day you’ll leave it all behind, and these  four years will be the years you’ll remember it most by.