Navigating Through Uncharted Waters

Covid 19 Forces Changes to School

Navigating Through Uncharted Waters

Online classes have definitely been a weird experience for me. It’s a very self – paced learning experience, which I am a big fan of. On-line school has been going great for me, but it is still not as good as being in class

I asked my younger sister, Elena, who is a sophomore, how she likes her classes and all the Zoom stuff. She said, as a 10th grader, she feels she has been, “…stuck with more work.” She says it is, “…very hard,” also. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not a lot of close interaction between the students and staff.

To be totally honest, I wish I was at school. As a senior, I miss the experiences. And let me tell you, being at home has made me completely change my outlook on school as a whole.

I was asked what suggestions I might have for the 4th quarter, based on what I saw from the end of the 3rd quarter concerning on-line learning and Zoom, etc. Honestly ? Nothing. While it was not how we planned to end the year, the school did very well with the initiation of the Zoom platform. It has been easy to use and has lots of ways for students to contact teachers.