A Senior Perspective: Covid 2020

Senior Reflections

A Senior Perspective: Covid 2020

In an attempt to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, all classes in the state of Ohio have been moved online. This decision was made for the greater good of the health and safety of both the students and faculty of all Ohio schools. However, moving to online classes presents some problems for the students who are most used to learning in a traditional school setting.

For me, the biggest challenge has been just that. I miss being able to go to a teacher and have him/her walk me through a problem on the chalkboard and sitting in the cafeteria with my friends during lunch, trying to finish the last few calculations for our AP “Chem” assignments. Adapting to a solo setting has certainly been a challenge for me, and I am sure it has been one for most other students, too.

Further, a few of my friends, both inside and outside West G., are struggling to continue having the motivation to do their work, as they are outside a traditional school setting. Working from home, there are a lot of distractions surrounding students from televisions to Instagram and being able to focus on one’s work with said distractions — and more — is not an easy task.

Because of the pandemic, kids’ remarks of, “I hate school,” or “I wish I were home,” have come true. And now that we are home I do not think that the kids who have made those remarks before are enjoying it as much as they thought they would. One might even say they wish they could go back to school.

As we are going back to school online for the fourth quarter, I would just recommend the students to keep their heads up. I know this is an uncertain and scary time for all of us and we are all being affected by this. But if we just work together and get all the assignments done for school and STAY HOME, we can all get through this. And we will, together.

A note for the underclassmen, also. As a senior, this whole situation is devastating. The big events of my senior year, prom and graduation, are currently in jeopardy. I have not been able to see my friends since the beginning of March. None of the seniors is able to make those memories that complete the final year of high school. Please, on behalf of the 2020 senior class, go make those memories. Hang out with your friends. Go on adventures and experience life at its fullest with the people you care about the most. You never know what might happen, and it is unfortunate for the seniors this year that we will not be able to make those memories or at least finish them. But you guys still have the opportunity to make those memories, so, please, do not waste it.