Pandemic Problems

Corona Virus Alters West G

Pandemic Problems

This pandemic has provided not only high school students with some problems, but the entire world.  There are many daily challenges we face through this pandemic, including all schools switching over to online classes for at least the rest of the semester.  Overall, the online classes have been running pretty smoothly, which some may enjoy, but for the case of us seniors, the way classes are run doesn’t affect us as much as the memories we’re missing out on along the way.

The biggest challenge (for sure) is the extra, one –on- one interaction, not only with teachers, but with classmates as well.  Sure, I could wake up and say, “Sweet I’m not sitting there; I can sleep, eat, etc. whenever.” But…really…it’s just not the same without it.  I’m sure I can speak for most when saying the biggest challenge during all of this has been boredom.

Fellow senior classmate Jake Carcelli agrees saying, “Online classes aren’t bad. We’re just missing out on the memories.” This, I’m sure, describes the anger of most seniors throughout the country.

Ironically, a pretty common thing you’ll hear on a normal high school day is, “I hate it here. I wanna go home.” I’m sure most people can agree when saying, “We all have had those days.”  But after being home all this time doing nothing, I’m sure we can all say school really isn’t bad. Somebody else once told me, “Be careful what you wish for…” Boy, were they RIGHT !

Aside from the education part, school helps students build some of the most important relationships which we’re missing out on.  I can 100% say I miss school and would go back in a heartbeat.

There’s not much we can change for the rest of our time on online school. We just have to be more consistent and keep practicing and figuring out the best and most efficient ways of doing things.