West G. Y.L.P. Presses On

Student Group Helps to Promote Problem – Solving


Back in November, two representatives, Karen Lackey and Jennie Canganelli, from the Geauga County Youth Led Prevention (YLP) met with the West Geauga High School YLP to help train them and give them useful knowledge in identifying and working to make changes to the school environment. Using the skills and knowledge the representatives taught the group, the West Geauga High School YLP is beginning to make suggestions as to some of the changes here at the high school.

Since the meeting, the West Geauga High School YLP has worked to identify the “big problems” at the school. Two problem areas they have identified as needing some attention are the issues within the guidance department at the high school and the ever – present concern of teacher – student relations.

Having identified these issues as areas of concern and potential “problems,” the group is now in the process of surveying various members of the student body to ask them as to whether or not they feel “connected” to a teacher and/or if the guidance department at the school is effective at meeting their needs.

Their goal in doing this is to, as senior Julia Grabinski said, to, “…find out which [problem] needs more help and then work with the group to problem – solve and make the school environment a better and more comfortable one for the students and for the staff.”

Although the West Geauga High School YLP is in its early stages, there is no doubt that it will do great things for the high school in the near and far future.